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JenJo was founded in 2014 as a tool to provide added value to the online ad exchange eco-system. Combining best of breed data, robust and efficient infrastructure and proprietary logic to enhance the insight, detail and ultimately the value of inventory both for sellers and buyers, our proprietary technology platform drives performance for buyers and increases yield for sellers.

what we offer for Buyers

Finding Inventory, particularly quality Inventory, is a common challenge across the entire programmatic landscape. Current methods require multiple, unaffiliated 3rd parties to achieve granular audience targeted, viewable, transparent and fraud free inventory with no guarantee of success.

JenJo is solving this through a combination of proprietary ad systems, data and analysis, robust infrastructure and 3rd party relationships to provide best performance with less waste within the existing exchange ecosystem.

Down to the individual impression, our Platform directs your spend to pockets of inventory that will provide the maximum return based upon the targeting criteria chosen for each and every campaign.

what we offer for Sellers

The JenJo platform increases liquidity and generates the best yield for your inventory by directing it to those buyers that value it the most.

We enhance the value of your inventory, creating greater yield and higher performance by making it more relevant, actionable and higher performing. JenJo also helps sellers unlock incremental revenues by enabling them to command premium prices from far more buyers.

Simply put, JenJo creates more Transactions of only High Quality Inventory. Better performing aggregated inventory translates into higher priced inventory and, ultimately, a better yield from exchanges.